I’m Lois and in 2012, after being ill for quite some time, I found out I was wheat intolerant. And so began my journey as an awkward eater; constantly thinking about where and what I can eat.

I’ve always loved my food and enjoy cooking and baking but having a dietary restriction has made me obsessed with food and I’m like a child at Christmas whenever I find gluten free cake. I’m always looking for new recipes, free from products, and restaurants to try so this blog is where I record all my gluten free experiments and discoveries.

All of the recipes on this blog are gluten free and vegetarian, some are vegan, and most are made without refined sugar. However, I don’t want you to be under the illusion that I eat a perfectly healthy diet all the time. In fact I can think of 3 occasions in the last month where I had ice cream for dinner…. I’m only human, I have bad days, and I’m partial to the odd sugar binge just like everyone else. But I do try to eat healthily the majority of the time and the recipes in this blog reflect this. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet because I prefer vegetarian food to meat but I do sometimes eat meat and products containing gelatine – I just really love marshmallows! Like I said, I’m only human.

So, if you are an awkward eater like me or are just looking for some healthy recipes, I hope you find the recipes and reviews on this blog useful.

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