Review: Nature’s Path Cereals and Cereal Bars

I recently received lots of gluten free goodies from the lovely people at Nature’s Path. I had tried their Pumpkin Seed, Almond, and Raisin Granola before and their Mesa Sunrise cereal and loved them so was very excited to try some of their other products. Included in the box was Granola, Maple Sunrise, O’s, and 2 types of granola bars. Here’s what I thought:

IMG_20170616_204025_649Nice and Nobbly Granola Bar – Dark Choc Chip

These bars have a soft and chewy texture and are made up of oat flakes, rice crispy-like puffs, and chocolate chips. The bars had a nice, sweet, but not too sweet, taste and a good amount of chocolate. I thought they were yummy and made a nice mid-morning snack with some fruit.


IMG_20170622_1815378_rewindNice and Nobbly Granola Bar – Trail mix

The trail mix bars were more interesting in flavour and texture than the choc chip ones. They were packed full of oat, quinoa, and amaranth flakes, dried cranberries, almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds. They were mostly soft and chewy in texture but with a nice crunch from the nuts and seeds. I thought they were much tastier than the choc chip ones and had a lovely hint of cinnamon. Both bars were good but the trail mix ones were my favourite.



Blueberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry Granola

The granola is made up of crunchy clusters of oats, dried berries, and little yoghurty chunks. I had it with yoghurt and fruit or with milk and thought it was delicious! It’s very sweet so I would have it as more of a treat breakfast rather than an everyday cereal but I will definitely buy it again as it is so yummy.


IMG_20170620_0747426_rewindMaple Sunrise

This cereal really surprised me as I was expecting it to be quite sweet because of the name. However it had a very natural, earthy, maple flavour which gave it a more grown-up taste than expected and was a pleasant surprise. The cereal is very very crunchy and it’s like having 3 cereals in one as it is made up of balls, flakes, and rice crispy-style puffs. The different shapes and textures made it really interesting and enjoyable and I would definitely have this cereal again. It’s also dairy free and vegan.


I really enjoyed the O’s; they had a natural, wholegrain flavour and subtle sweetness. The cereal is tasty on it’s own, with milk, or with fruit and yoghurt. They’re pleasingly crunchy and go just the right amount of soggy in milk. The cereal is vegan and it’s also really low in sugar so I would eat this regularly as a healthy breakfast.


I liked all of the Free From products that Nature’s Path kindly sent to me but my absolute favourites were the Granola and the Trail Mix granola bars. Both of the cereals I would buy and eat again and I recommend them for adults and children alike as they make a tasty, healthy, gluten free start to the day.

Thanks to Nature’s Path for sending me these samples. All opinions in this post are my own and honest.


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